Friday, August 30, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes!

So, today is a bit of an anniversary of a sort.  A re-birth, even.

A year ago today, I was working as a government sub-contractor as a Webcasting Producer/Director.  The environment was pretty dysfunctional, but the potential experience and financial stability kept me there probably longer than was mentally healthy. 

Well, I was NOT in control of my destiny.  Very suddenly, the Friday before Labor Day weekend, the production company that signed my paychecks told me it would be my last day.  The irony was not lost on me that they decided to take this action right before Labor Day weekend---a holiday that celebrates the American worker, and all of the rights that workers had earned for themselves through history.  I even mentioned it, as I was being let go. 

I had been thinking about what would be next after this position, but didn't realize I'd have to put those balls in motion a bit earlier than I expected.  So I went to a career coach, I re-vamped my resume to reflect the new skills and experience I had obtained on the government job, and basically re-invented myself to the jobs I wanted to seek.  I started cold-calling companies that offered these kinds of jobs and offered to train for free, in expectation that they would add me to their freelance pool.  Anyone who showed any kind of positive response (even if they didn't have an immediate opportunity or need) was contacted periodically, asking when a training opportunity was coming up.  As they say, persistence pays off.  I started working with three new clients within the first four months.  I also resumed my work with two local school systems as a video producer, and continued seeking more live event opportunities and webcasting opportunities. 

In the past 365 days, I've obtained three new clients for regular work, I was the supervising producer for the Regional Emmy Awards, I landed a retainer contract with a national association, and was added to the freelance pool as a webcasting producer for a large DoD contractor.

Through hard work, persistence, and help from my career counselor , I've re-invented myself to even better opportunities than I left a year ago. 

Labor Day celebrates all of the many ways that one can earn a living- whether as an employee, an independent contractor, or an entrepreneur.  I think it also celebrates the many ways that one can FIND the ways that they can earn a living.  These are not the same thing.

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